The Wow Factor

If you’re one of those types who believes recorded music is far better than witnessing a live performance, go see Snow Songs and then tell us if you still feel the same way. We’re guessing you won’t.

The Phoenix-based rock group, fronted by longstanding local musician Yolanda Bejarano (formerly of Slugger, Mariachi Colonial, and other punk-focused projects), has been playing shows for about five months now. And though Bejarano’s hard-charged, punk-singing stylings of the past aren’t present in this group, the wow factor is still there, especially during live gigs, which reminds us, in terms of energy, tone, and color, of Odelay-era Beck hanging out with PJ Harvey. The high-octane soundscapes – brought out by bassist Lindsay Cates, guitarist Nick Hadik, and percussionist John De La Cruz – allow Bejarano’s dreamy narratives to really resonate in that internal place that feels good.

On Saturday, September 12, Snow Songs performs at Icehouse Tavern, on a bill that includes Cage Match, Said Gun, and Halema'uma'u. Since you’ll be ditching the couch that night and hitting up the hockey-rink bar, you can possibly expect something else besides awesome live music. Once during a Snow Songs’ show, as Bejarano explains, “A kangaroo bounced into The Lost Leaf and beat up [drummer John] De La Cruz. Then turned around and kissed Nick [Hadik, the guitarist].”

Doubt that would ever happen in front of the home stereo.

Sat., Sept. 12, 9 p.m., 2009

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