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There Will Be No Criminal Investigation into Viral Racist Video, According to Phoenix Police

 a high school principal has released a statement, and the Phoenix Police have confirmed that there will be no   criminal investigation. 

The video, now dubbed "az racist girls," features two young women who trail on (and on and on) about immigration, SB1070, and their views on the local Mexican community. 

It was originally posted in January 2011, says Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department, but was taken down and hadn't resurfaced until last night. 

The two girls, who claim in the video to be from Arizona, are not students at Arcadia High School according to the school principal's statement released this morning in response to rumors that one of the young women "looked like" a student at Arcadia High. 

"We live in an age of technology where something posted online can create so much hateful discussion," says Thompson. "It never should have gotten to this level, but because there's no crime, there's no reason for us to investigate." 

The video, which began on YouTube, was quickly downloaded and re-released by national websites including Perez Hilton and World Star Hip Hop where thousands of comments have been left and video responses posted by YouTube members all over the country. 

"We'd all like to ask whoever felt the need to send it out first time and whoever posted it a second time why they did this," says Thompson. "But anytime there's a group of individuals that has opinions, I may not agree, you may not agree -- I may find those opinions repulsive -- but as a police officer, my job is to protect your right to the first amendment whether I agree or not."

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