There's Something About Larry

The Phoenix Suns will pocket this year's Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy if:

• Steve Nash grows his hair back
• Shawn Marion gets over his I'm-sick-of-being-trade-bait self and plays up to his obscene salary
• Coach Mike D'Antoni gets over his I'm-sick-of-being-second-guessed self and goes to the bench now and then
• Nobody whacks Amaré Stoudemire's knees with a hammer
• Grant Hill -- once dubbed the second coming of Michael Jordan -- plays more like Michael Jordan than Grant Hill
• Leandro Barbosa gets more minutes
• Boris Diaw gets fewer
• Promising rookie D.J. Strawberry gets any
• Marcus Banks gets none
• Richie Frahm gets . . . uh, who?
• Raja Bell keeps kickin' Kobe Bryant's skinny ass

Speaking of Kobe, the best but most despicable player in the NBA brings his Los Angeles Lakers to town for what looks to be a smashing regular-season home opener for the Suns.

Wed., Feb. 20, 7 p.m., 2008
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Clay McNear
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