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This Weekend's Blue Planet Film Fest is Canceled

This weekend was slated to be Phoenix's introduction to the Blue Planet Film Festival, a nationwide showcase of independent films that spotlight animal rights and environmental issues. Unfortunately, the event was called off due to lack of funding just days before it was scheduled to take place at MADCAP Theaters in Tempe.

And we were feeling so positive about Phoenix lately.

Sponsors are one thing (it's not our fault if some big company takes their sweet time ponying up cash), but you figure more than a bunch of locals on a rescue mailing list would've been interested in attending. Don't we love animals? The planet, anyone?

Seriously, where were all of the people who picketed foie gras at Christopher's last year? 

The good news is that according to Mira Tweti, the festival's Executive Director, a solar company is interested in picking up the monetary slack so that the Phoenix-area festival can be rescheduled for the fall. If nothing else, the cooler weather will hopefully draw a few more animal lovers and granola-crunchy earth mamas out of our air-conditioned caves

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