This Week's Tempe 12 Calendar Girl: Nicolette Knadler

The annual Tempe 12 calendar was released earlier this month, highlighting a dozen of the most attractive female students at Arizona State University. This week, we bring you what we hope will be the first of many blogs focusing on a Tempe 12 calendar girl. In this case, it's Nicolette Knadler, who's studying medicine at ASU and also looks really good in a bikini.

Knadler, who was born and raised in Phoenix, currently works as a nursing assistant for a private home care company, and ultimately wants to become a gynecologist. She's a huge football (NFL) fan, but confesses to having a crush on soccer player David Beckham. We recently caught up with Knadler and had her finish a few sentences for us.

I chose to pose for the Tempe 12 calendar because...I thought it would be a good experience to meet new people and get to know more places on campus.

My favorite part of the Tempe 12 photo shoot was...

getting to go to really nice houses around Arizona.

Tempe girls are hot because... we are smart and carry ourselves well.

If money and time were unlimited, my dream photo shoot would be... in London.

One thing I always have in my pocket is... chapstick.

When my friends see me in the Tempe 12 calendar, they'll probably say... I'm proud of you.

My ideal date or significant other is someone who... makes me laugh.

The worst pickup line anybody's ever used on me was...just in general, "Can I have your number?" I hate that.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.