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THOR: Marvel's God Comes Out To Play

Besides doing fun relationship stuff like arguing about how to discipline their dog, New Times blogger Tyler Hughes and his girlfriend, Jackie Cronin, go to the movies.

Tyler: Seeing THOR just made me more excited to see The Avengers movie coming out next year. There were so many references to the other Marvel heroes, how could it not be good?

Jackie: Well, we still have to see how Captain America turns out but THOR turned out pretty good, even if it as just a little bit cheesy. I mean, I know that Thor and his people are supposed to be space gods so they are the epitome of emotion and lack human compassion. Maybe it was just the way they talked.

Tyler: Yeah, some of their lines were just a little over the top. I thought Chris Hemsworth did a good job playing the cocky heir to the throne, that is until Anthony Hopkins banished him from Asgard. It was also fun to watch him get his ass handed to him by a chick with a taser.

Jackie: Oh yeah, there were plenty of laughs once Thor got to earth but the most interesting part was all of the political drama in Asgard. I though that the events leading up to Thor's banishment by Odin, and Loki's shenanigans were way more interesting than the stuff on Earth.

Tyler: Yeah, plus the realm of Asgard was just pretty to look at, as opposed to middle of nowhere in New Mexico. Also, Anthony Hopkins was awesome as Odin. I wouldn't have though it but he can totally rock the eye-patch look. Man he is awesome.

Jackie: Yeah, I don't think I have the same appreciation of him as you do but I agree that Asgard was pretty, especially in 3D. Seriously, this film had some of the best 3D I've seen yet. There is a fight scene towards the beginning of the film that was just made for 3D, and totally had me ducking for cover.

Tyler: The scene were Thor goes to retrieve his hammer, MJOLNIR, was pretty bad ass. Comic book fans will want to keep an eye out for another Marvel cameo during that scene. This might sound weird but I kind of wish that he spent a little more time on Earth.

 Right, I feel that the time he spent on Earth just wasn't quite enough time for him to learn the lessons that he needed to learn in order to return to Asgard.

Tyler: Granted he was learning from Natalie Portman and Stellan Skarsgard. I think that Skarsgard did a great job with his part, and even though Natalie Portman played her part more like a star-struck high schooler than a woman of science, I thought she was still very effective. I mean, Thor is a god. I guess it's alright to be a little star struck.

Jackie: Another fun thing too was seeing Agent Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, do his S.H.I.E.L.D. thing in this film. He had a lot more to do in this film than in either of the two Iron Man movies.

Tyler: His character was particularly a lot of fun for those who know something about the comic books, or The Avengers. I know quite a bit about The Avengers backstory but there were people in the audience ooh-ing and aah-ing at things that totally went over my head. It's going to be interesting to see how all of these movies come together.

Jackie: Oh yeah, like the chick dressed up as Iron Man, or I guess Iron Woman. Actually there were a whole bunch of people in costume for this film. Some of them were pretty dang elaborate too, with lights and sound.

Tyler: Aren't you glad you stayed until after the credits too? I'm not going to spoil it but here's a hint: The scene involves one bad ass mutherfucker. Just stay until after the credits, you won't be disappointed.


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