Three Best Beauty Blogs for Hair and Makeup Junkies

Those lucky biotches who have beautiful hair, flawless skin, and perfect eyebrows are completely annoying with their "I just rolled out of bed and I am perfect" BS. They saw a "how to" on a blog but won't tell which one or reveal the fact that their ish is not natch. Well, we will have your shiny hair and perfect nails, because we've found your secrets. Luxurious hair, the perfect manicure, and flawless skin are things that we all strive to master, and beauty blogs are the answer.

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Here are three beauty blogs with everything our inner "beauty junkie" could desire, clothing advice, nail and hair how-tos, makeup guidance, and even some drugstore steals.

A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle beauty blog created by Elsie and Emma. The two ladies have been working together for a few years inspiring people to try new things and knowing it takes practice and time to learn. Hair-styling help, makeup tutorials, fashion advice, even a project to help organize your makeup are just a few of the life skills served up by these two beauties. Practice makes perfect, and messy can be beautiful.

The Beauty Department was created by Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine and reality TV star Lauren Conrad (who now models for TBD). The trio have teamed up to bring us a site for gals who have beauty questions. Getting together and creating a place that has everything beauty related, from hair, makeup, nail how-tos, tools and tricks of the trade (quick brow shaping, umm yes please!), and other super-useful beauty tips. TBD is easy to navigate and use. And you'll end up finding tricks you didn't know you needed to learn.

BellaSugar has some of the most popular pictures on social media, and it delivers the must-have makeup, celebrity hair, and how-tos of the summer. It's a one-stop shop for bangs, blowouts, removing nail polish, and even summer hair accessories. Check out the list on top 200 drug store beauty buys (all under $10).

Don't be afraid to try out how-tos and take advice from the beauty experts. We all can look like sleeping beauty waking up, even if we just spent the night rolling around with prince charming.

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