Three Best Looks from Phoenix Fashion Week's MIM Rocks Fashion 2013

MIM Rocks Fashion 2013 was a little off-key. The event paired two designers and three boutiques with five stylists to highlight the influence that music has on fashion. While the venue, the MIM, certainly fit the musical vibe, none of the looks modeled during the fashion show hit that promised note. Minus the lack of tuneful inspiration, the event did bring a blend of spring-ready styles to the runway.

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The ensembles presented by Divaz Boutique, styled by Yeka Bruner, and Clothes Minded, styled by Rochelle York, were least interesting because the clothing was simple, not challenging, and not particularly memorable. It's already for sale in stores and, frankly, isn't worth critiquing alongside designers.

Bri Seeley, PFW's 2012 emerging designer styled by Brian Swan, and ENVY by Khanh, one of 2012's emerging designer finalists styled by Fawn Cheng, brought more visual interest to the table, though they both were showing looks super-similar to things they presented last fall at Phoenix Fashion Week. Amir's La Voûte owner and designer Amir Saebi styled his own pieces from his boutique as well as some of his own designs.

Our favorites easily stuck out among the rest. Here are the three best looks from MIM Rocks Fashion 2013.

In our notes from the evening, we wrote one word about this pure white summer dress from Bri Seeley: perfect.

The color was on point, the tailoring chic and easy, and the flutter sleeves delicate.

It stood out to us among other pieces from Seeley that didn't work as well -- specifically the khaki and green striped items -- and somehow stood up to the harsh eye makeup.

Amir Saebi certainly wasn't skimping on color, pattern, and avant garde styling. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it just plain didn't.

This confident combination of leopard print, lemon, raspberry, and emerald wowed us. We're very excited to see what his upcoming line expansion brings.

While we weren't crazy about the My Fair Lady hats styled with ENVY by Khanh's looks, we were really pleased to see his color palette incorporate richer greens and reds.

By eliminating distracting brights from the mix and incorporating more solids than we've seen from him previously, the designer's beautifully sculpted dresses came to the fore. This deep red mini-dress highlights his talents perfectly. And, in this context, the Eliza Doolittle hat actually fits.

Check out the slideshow of the full MIM Rocks Fashion event.

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