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Three Calls to Phoenix Artists

At last, the overwhelming and oppressive heat has finally subsided and temperatures are thankfully cooling down to more reasonable levels. If you're a local artist, that means your studio isn't an overheated oven anymore, leaving you no more excuses to lay around and watch TV. 

Here are three calls you're going to want to note ...

1. Lighthouse @ Alwun House
Landy Headley will curate this illumination-themed exhibition at the renowned downtown Phoenix art space, which goes on display in December. Glowing works that utilize LEDs, neon, and other light-generating substances and devices (including black lights and glow paint) are sought for the showcase. 

The lights will be turned off at the Alwun House and artwork will be displayed both inside and outside. Deadline for those wishing to pre-register (and receive a $10 discount on the entry fee) is November 18. For more info, email [email protected] or click here for the registration form.

2. Wet Paint Art Supply & Gallery
Local artist and Wet Paint owner Jessica Jordan is a firm believer in the saying, "good things come in small packages." Hence the theme behind Wet Paint's upcoming showcase "Friends on Small Packages," which will feature art work that's no larger than 12-by-12 inches. 

Jordan is seeking pieces in a variety of mediums (including paintings, mixed media work, and will display the show in the joint's B-Side Gallery. Deadline for submissions is March 9. email [email protected] for more info.

3. Fluxx Studio & Gallery

This Tucson-based venue is planning a male-themed exhibition for December entitled "Manhood," which will explore the issue of masculinity in the 21st century via art work from several mediums. 

Those interested in getting in submitting their work for consideration can e-mail [email protected]. There's a $5 entry fee and the deadline is November 6. More info can be found here.

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