Three Classic Television Shows Stephen King Should Rip Off for His Next Bestseller

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3. MacGyver

Here's the thing about MacGyver. It wasn't so much about MacGyver the man as it was all about what that cool ass Swiss Army knife could do. In Stephen King's hands that multi-tool could be a real menace. 

It's not like King has no experience turning inanimate objects into villains either. Christine (the killer car), Cell (the cell phones that heralded a zombie apocalypse), From a Buick 8 (the interdimensional roadmaster). Those were all fairly disturbing, but none of them had built-in corkscrews or fishing hooks. 

2. Blossom 

There are a lot of important life lessons that adorable Blossom Russo can teach us, especially about family, love, alcohol abuse and obnoxious hats. But when Six invites Blossom into her after-school coven we can also learn a series of incantations to designed to summon the Eldritch Gods. 

Soon after the very fabric of reality begins to unravel. King's a master at designing the world of the weird tale (see N. and The Dark Tower.) In his vision of an angsty girl dramedy, family pets commit mass-suicide, clocks run backward and a chorus of chilling, disembodied voices demand a blood sacrifice from Joey. Whoa indeed. 

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Bob Beard