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Three Phoenix Arts Organizations Awarded National "Our Town" Grant

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"The grant will be used to connect the dots in a lot of ways," says Ed Lebow, Director of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. "We're hoping to really work together to bolster the 'in between' spaces around Phoenix and build a new kind of cultural spine along the light rail and throughout the city."

The application for the grant was a collaboration of all three organizations and will be implemented by City of Phoenix Public Art Project Manager Rebecca Rothman. The grant money will ultimately be allocated to different projects that are in the works at all three institutions. Lebow says the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture will be sending out a call for artist submissions within the next month.

ASU Art Museum curator Heather Lineberry says the grant will also help support the museum's upcoming programming in partnership with the City of Phoenix and Roosevelt Row.

In February, the museum will be home to an exhibition called "Rare Earth" with work by Phoenix-based artist Matt Moore and UK-based artist Clare Patey that will address sustainability issues, environmental challenges, and endangered elements.

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"Rare Earth" will be on view in early February and Lineberry says Patey will return in the spring of 2013 for a Downtown "Feast on the Street" program inspired by her Feast on the Bridge, which shut down traffic for a day-long feast and celebration of community and sustainable food on the Southwark Bridge in London.

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