Three Signs You're Definitely a Cat Person with Jackson Galaxy, aka The Cat Daddy

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Dismissing the whole notion of cat people vs. dog people, Galaxy argues that while one may make you feel like the center of the universe (dog) and the other may remind you that you're not (cat), at the end of the day they're both providing affection, establishing a connection, and leaving you turds to clean up -- it's a balance, really. In fact, he considers cats to be very Zen, "teaching you to be present yet detached."

In his new book, Cat Daddy, Galaxy deciphers the misunderstood behaviors of cats, helping pet owners to resolve the volatile relationships with their feline companions. And while you wait for him to arrive at Changing Hands to sign your very own copy tonight, here are just three signs you're definitely a cat person:

3. You own anything Hello Kitty That bitch is everywhere. Wielding the celebrity status of Barbie and My Little Pony, Hello Kitty's animated stardom quickly soared from Sanrio cast member to full blown religious figure. Her two dimensional face is on everything; from stickers to lunchboxes, clothing to ice cream. This kitten's not just for the kiddos, (see: Hello Kitty assault riffles, vibrators, and cocaine straws.) But hey, we're not here to judge.

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