Thunderwear: Because a Gun That Close to Your Junk Has to Be a Good Idea

To mourn the lost opportunity of Arizona becoming the first state with an official state gun (Utah outdrew us on Friday), we thought we'd at least show the Utahns where to stick 'em

... that is, right down the front of their pants with the help of a nice strap-on, gun-slinging fanny pack that holds a gun just where you'd want one.

Thunderwear's been around for a while; the genius holster that puts a bullet about 3 centimeters away from your most prized possession was patented in 1995 in Florida, which explains the official Thunderwear photo to the right.

Designers say the crotch padding that adds a whole new meaning to "packing heat under your belt" is perfect under "jeans, sweats, jogging outfits, slacks, and swimming trunks" -- great for the shooting in a casual setting, from the comfort of your own couch, during a jog, while at work, or hell, even at the pool. It comes in multiple sizes, natch, and has a variety of pocket options (for multiple guns), all for a cool $44.95 .

For a quick draw, the Thunderwear website insists you don't have to unbutton or zip your pants, you just have to take the thumb of your weak hand (guys, you should know by now which one that is), and pull the pants away from your body while "reaching in with your strong hand to draw your weapon."

Just make sure you whip out the right barrel.

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Claire Lawton
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