Time After Time

As anyone who's pledged allegiance to the Brat Pack knows, prom night is the most important evening in life of a high schooler's existence. The popular girls will show up -- along with the captain of the football team, timid nerds, an arch nemesis or two, and everyone in between.

Provided your teenage social career wasn't, like, too traumatic (you never got Carrie-d, right?) musical Awesome '80s Prom will gleefully time travel to that pinnacle dance and take you along with it.

But don't think Awesome forgets real-life prom trappings: All of the characters in the play are competing to win the title of prom king or queen. And, much like you voted for the pretty girl you thought was nicest (or hated the least) and the dude you fantasized over, the audience will vote and choose the winners, who will be announced at the end of the performance.

March 19-24, 8 p.m., 2012
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