'Tis the Season

Back East, and elsewhere in the world, Arizona is thought not to have seasons. Or, rather, we're thought to have two seasons -- really hot and really, really hot.

Once you've lived here a couple of years, however, you recognize that there are very distinctive seasons here, and few are as happily anticipated as the one that begins this week, the season that most reminds us of renewal, of new hope, and of the eternal roundelay of life. We're talking, of course, about spring training baseball season.

Cactus League 2001 starts on Thursday, March 1, and continues with daily games through Sunday, April 1. Most of them start at 1:05 p.m. Below is a list of teams and home venues; for an opening-week game schedule, see the Sports listing in Calendar. Tickets range from $3 to $21.

As for what excuses to offer your boss (or your significant other), you'll just have to use your imagination.

Anaheim Angels: Tempe Diablo Stadium, 2200 West Alameda in Tempe. 602-438-9300.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Tucson Electric Park, 2500 East Ajo Way in Tucson. 1-520-434-1111.

Chicago Cubs: HoHoKam Park, 1235 North Center in Mesa. 480-964-4467.

Chicago White Sox: Tucson Electric Park, 2500 East Ajo Way in Tucson. 1-520-434-1111.

Colorado Rockies: Hi Corbett Field, 3400 East Camino Campestre in Tucson. 1-520-327-9467.

Milwaukee Brewers: Maryvale Baseball Park, 3600 North 51st Avenue. 623-245-5500.

Oakland Athletics: Phoenix Municipal Stadium, 5999 East Van Buren. 602-392-0217.

San Diego Padres: Peoria Stadium, 16101 North 83rd Avenue in Peoria. 623-878-4337.

San Francisco Giants: Scottsdale Stadium, 7408 East Osborn in Scottsdale. 1-800-225-2277.

Seattle Mariners: Peoria Sports Complex, 16101 North 83rd Avenue in Peoria. 623-878-4337.

Let there be joy in Mudville.

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