TNA Superstar Sting on Battling Aces and Eights, Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape Drama, and the Possibility of Someday Jumping to WWE

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This Sunday at Bound For Glory, you and Bully Ray are facing off against the dastardly gang Aces & Eights. You've made a career out of battling cabals of villains like the Four Horsemen and the NWO. Is that what the Sting character does best? Well, I suppose there's some similarities [between] the Horsemen and the NWO, but in this case its not really about me any more. Its about Aces and Eights.

How do you think the Aces and Eights story has gone thus far? And when it finally climaxes, will TNA fans be satisfied with the conclusion? Well, I tell you what. That is always a concern and I've been on both sides of the fence when there's been a big buildup happening and there was not a payoff and there's nothing worse, believe me. But, man, when the payoff is there and delivery is made, its awesome. Only time will tell. My hands have not really been around this one like in the past because it's not about me. I just want to try to make it as good as I possibly can.

What were your feelings about angle a few weeks ago where you and Hulk Hogan were kidnapped by Aces and Eights? Some fans felt the storyline was becoming too much like Sons of Anarchy. Yeah...I do have a lot to say about that but, you know, I just need to play it safe for right now. I can say that we were real close to needing S.A.G. cards, you know? (laughs) We need to be with the guild here if we keep going like this.

At least that will get you access to really good health insurance. That's right.

You're a devout Christian. Has there even been anything that TNA (or even WCW) asked you to do that you ultimately vetoed? Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean its been from small to the bigger things. For the most part, people know who I am. And they're not going to ask me to do anything that they know I'm not going to want to do. But occasionally, things like that will still happen and you just find yourself in a situation like that. And I've learned over the years that you just don't say, "No, can't do that," you'd better come up with a better idea.

Is there anything specific storyline or angle where this happened? Yeah, I'd rather not. There's a whole bunch of great examples I could give you, but there's no sense in doing that. No one's gonna benefit from that.

So are you saving those stories for a book someday? If there is one.

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