Tonight at 5 & 6 Gallery: Artists Invent and Document a New Desert Civilization in "The 8th Day"

Colby Vincent Edwards, William Franevsky, and Jarrett Scherff spent a lot of time and energy documenting "nothing."

The collaborative group, for its "The 8th Day" exhibit, fabricated their own three-person society that imitates an antediluvian civilization. This included creating "a plethora of weapons and costumes, wrapped with twine, adorned with teeth, leathers, weathered, and dented and tested in the manner in which they would be in everyday use."

Once the old-school garb and tools were good to go, Edwards, Franevsky, and Scherff went into the desert and documented themselves doing what folks used to do back in the day, which, in essence, was nothing but walking, being, and breathing air.

The results, a series of soft-focused, black and white photographs, that will be displayed tonight during a 7 p.m. opening reception at 5 & 6 Gallery, 4200 North Marshall Way, Suites 5 and 6, in Scottsdale. Admission is free. For more info, go to

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Steve Jansen
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