Tonight: Pecha Kucha No. 4

Organizers are setting up and a handful of speakers are prepping their presentations for tonight's Pecha-Kucha Night Phoenix

The casual event gives creatives of all disciplines just under 7 minutes to present 20 slides about their ideas and work-in-progess. The fourth Phoenix event, modeled after the original Pecha Kucha community gatherings in Japan, will draw a variety of speakers and audience members to the relaxed (and bar-equipped) FilmBar in downtown Phoenix. 

Get the full list of presenters and more details after the jump...

Pecha Kucha organizer Jason Ayers says he hopes to make Pecha Kucha a monthly event where the local community can come together informally and talk about what they're working on. 
"Make it more like a salon and less like a lecture," Ayers said. "No bullet points."

Tonight's speakers: 

- Regular Gallery and Roosevelt Row member Greg Esser will talk about Roosevelt Row and upcoming projects in downtown Phoenix.
- Hugo Medina, a painter and arts community activist, will give a short presentation on local art projects in the works.
- Designer and film fanatic Victor Moreno will discuss the collection of the classic cult film posters he and other local designers have produced for FilmBar, The Royale, and MADCAP theatre.
Architectural designers Lorenzo Perez and Jon Kitchell of The Venue Project will give a presentation about reuse in design.
Gangplank Director of Operations Katie Charland will talk about Gangplank's child-oriented technological programs and robotics.
- Sean Sweat will give a presentation on the Valley of the Sunflowers project.

Pecha-Kucha Night Phoenix starts tonight at 6 p.m., and presentations will begin around 6:45 p.m..

The event also includes drinks and food by Chef Renetto-Mario Etsitty and beats by DJ Pablo Gomez.

The remaining $10 tickets are limited and can be purchased here.

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