Top 5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Steampunk Ball: Sketch and Snap Night @ Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts On Thursday, January 23, Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is hosting a Steampunk Ball. If you happen to be a steampunk fan, then you're probably quite well aware of this and may kindly excuse yourself from the following description, which you're likely to scoff disapprovingly at anyway.

For you remaining novices, steampunk refers to a genre of science-fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery and is often set in some sort of Victorian Era-meets-Mad Max alternate history. Not surprisingly an entire subculture of steampunk, from the genre's murky anachronisms and fantastical imagery, has emerged. So if you own a monocle, routinely don a frock coat, can quote the movie Brazil ad nauseam, and own a very dog-eared copy H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, then ponder no more, you're probably a steampunk. And by golly, you've got a ball to go to. Kick up your heels from 7 to 11 p.m. at 7380 East Second Street. The free event is for those 18 and older. Visit or call 480-8744-4645 for details. -- Rob Kroehler

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