Top 5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Week

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Yet, despite the "rock" aspect of the title, the exhibit's intention is showcasing a century of women musicians -- from country to blues, punk to pop -- who made inroads into what is still a male-dominated world. Broken up somewhat chronologically, the exhibit starts with jazz and blues icons like Billie Holiday and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, girl groups, 1960s counter culture, '70s rockers, punk and post-punk, pop, and finally, the'90s to present day. The café will feature special fare, but if that doesn't suffice, Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress will be hanging nearby.

See which women rock at MIM, 4725 East Mayo Boulevard. Tickets are $10, or $7 with full museum admission. Visit or call 480-478-6000. -- Glenn BurnSilver

"Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft" @ ASU Art Museum You think you've got crafting down pat just because you bought Martha Stewart's glitter in all 24 colors? Wrong-o, pal. For proof that crafts take more than DIY spirit and ish you bought at Hobby Lobby, head to ASU Art Museum's exhibition "Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft."

It's the first exhibition to present ASU Art Museum and the Ceramics Research Center's shared collections of craft works, including around 100 pieces in wood, fiber, and ceramics. Pieces in the show include a bicycle woven from vines by Jarbas Lopes, Huang Binyan's porcelain rabbit, and Tom Eckert's Tank Chair, crafted from solid maple. Let's see you try that at home. (Just kidding -- don't.)

See the exhibition at ASU Art Museum, 51 East 10th Street, through Saturday, December 7. Admission is free. Visit or call 480-965-2787. -- Becky Bartkowski

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