Top 5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

We've already rounded up our reasons for loving Arizona in the summertime. So, desert dwellers, here's a reason to love Arizona this weekend: There's a ton to do. Here are our top five picks for how to spend the next few days.

Cory Basil's "Skinny Dipping in Daylight" @ Astor House It sounds like an appealing alternative to the Valley's summer temperatures, but "Skinny Dipping in Daylight" is the debut poetry collection from Cory Basil -- who returns to his home state this week with a reading at Coronado eatery Astor House.

Basil describes his work as both introspective and vulnerable. Expect to hear pieces like, "All of this Madness for a Cup of Coffee" ("about the lemming-like nature of society and lack of true connection," he says) and "Falling Like Leaves," which "speaks of the power of aging and our inability to defeat it."

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