Top 5 Things to Do in Metro Phoenix This Weekend

Love and Air Sex at FilmBar Even though the people who go to see the première of Love and Air Sex at FilmBar on Friday, February 28, will get to meet the film's writer, Steven Walters and former air sex competitor "Bill [email protected]*king Binder," we can't recommend it.

We would, but the film's plot is that same, tired old love story: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy and girl break up, boy is sad and misses girl, boy flies to Austin for the weekend in hopes of "accidentally" running into girl, boy arrives in town to find his best friend in the middle of a vicious breakup with his own girlfriend, boys and girls find themselves competing in the finals of the Air Sex World Championships and eventually reconcile their differences in a climax of pantomimed handjobs and ball gargling. Typical.

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