Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend

You may have plans to see Chelsea Handler making dirty jokes over at Comerica Theatre tonight, eat your heart out at the Queen Creek Peach Festival, and then dance it all off at the AZ salsa festival on Saturday night at the Venue Scottsdale.

But we're adding these five events to our schedules ... and you probably should as well.

School's Over Party @ Club Trinity:
You've white-knuckled it through your last final, turned in that ungodly-long term paper, burned your notes, and sold off every textbook. The school year's over and some much-needed celebrating is in order. Club Trinity's kicking off summer with cool drinks and hot beats all Friday night with giveaways and drink specials. There's a $5 cover before 11 p.m. with your school I.D., so be sure to show up early.

King of Tranny Skate Contest @ KTR Skateboard School:
Skateboarding isn't exactly the kind of career a high school guidance counselor would normally recommend. But after attending this Sunday's competition, we're willing to bet some parents might just sign up their kiddos up for a few lessons. Skaters from across the Valley in six different age brackets will unleash an afternoon of transition (or "tranny") tricks while rolling about KTR's ramps and bowls. Contests in three different categories (including verts and ramps) will be offered, with the winners getting prizes and skating schwag. Registration is at 10 a.m. and the skating starts at noon. Admission is $20.

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