Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend

The Ringling Bros. pitched their Big Top at US Airways Center this week, but the famed circus isn't the only spectacle in town this weekend.

If you're not blushing at the bratwurst on stage in Nearly Naked's Eating Raoul or juggling balls at the annual Firecracker Softball Tournament, here are a handful of sideshows set to thrill: 

Shame Photo Show @ The Firehouse
Juneteenth doesn't get a whole lot of recognition around Phoenix (surprise, surprise), despite the fact Arizona is one of the 39 states that have adopted it as a holiday observance. Perhaps that will change after performance artist Tascheena Kimberly Umanah (Bulsara) delves into lynching photography and other images of horror in her public performance, "Shame," this Friday night at 8 p.m.

Umanah will combine spoken word, theatre and movement with photography by Eduardo L. Rivera and production design by Lisa Diaz to examine why Americans are so fascinated with images of death. Call it the trainwreck effect (Hoarders, anyone?), but it'll be hard to look away. Tickets are $5.

Crafting Community @ Scottsdale Fashion Square
Not that most of us of the female persuasion need an excuse to shop or get crafty, but Scottsdale Fashion Square is giving us extra incentive. In celebration of the colorful new Splendid store that recently opened in the mall, Crafting Community is hosting free DIY events from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. this Saturday, including a fabric beading class and the

Millennium Pool Party @ Millennium Resort Scottsdale
Dip your toes into cool waters and an equally chill scene at the Millennium's swank pool party. While there are always a few flab abs to be found poolside, the high hottie-to-uggo ratio at this weekly bash (held every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer) means more eye candy to crunch down along with sick tunes from the DJs at Relentless Beats. Private cabanas and champagne bottle service are just a few of the perks available if you upgrade to VIP status and throw down some cash. Cost is $5 for ladies and $10 for gents, or text your name to 623-252-3707 for reduced cover.  

Sunday Sins @ The Rock
If you ever feared that skipping church on Sunday would result in a scenario involving hellfire, brimstone and a horny little devil, The Rock won't disappoint this weekend. Check off at least a few sins on your to-do list -- namely lust, gluttony and envy -- when burlesque legend Satan's Angel comes back to town for a Sunday Sins show featuring how-to workshops, live theater, and a farewell party for Scandalesque Burlesque's Blissom Booble that will include performances by Satan's Angel, Austin Head, and other local acts. Tickets are $10-15.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.