Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend

In all likelihood, your agenda is already overflowing with things to do this weekend. 

Heck, we already highlighted some weekend sweet haps including performances of Race and Amexica, and Practical Art's new show "Symptoms of the Systematic." But there's plenty more happening (First Friday anyone?), so here are our top picks for events to pencil in this weekend.

Sticky Fingers One-Year Anniversary @ Bar Smith
William Fucking Reed-helmed dance night Sticky Fingers turns one today, and you best believe that the nightlife kingpin will have a slew of his party pals along for the ride, including Pickster One and 2TONEDISCO. Cut a rug tonight starting at 8 p.m. $10 cover.

Fall Fling Shopping Extravaganza
Shopping local is almost always a good call, but tonight when more than 15 local designers, crafters, and makers hawk their wares at 528 W. Lynwood Street in Phoenix your dollars won't just go toward supporting and sustaining the work of Arizona-based creative types. A portion of proceeds from The Fall Fling Shopping Extravaganza will be donated to the Live & Give Foundation's "Don't Be a Chump! Check for a Lump!" campaign. Peruse goods from Sticker Club Girl, Flipped Bird Designs, Hazel & Violet, and more.

Polo Party @ WestWorld
Single ladies: We're sure you've heard the rumors of Prince Harry's presence in our fair desert. Now, whether you actually thing the ginger prince (who's third in line to the throne, if we're not mistaken) is a looker or your Disney-fied childhood automatically qualifies royalty as charming, Saturday's Polo Party is probably your best bet to rub elbows with (or at least gawk at) said heir. The event's organizers sent him an invite to the party/match in hopes that he'll come hang out, and maybe even play a little polo. So cross your fingers, and arrive dressed like a princess. Ridiculous hats: totally acceptable, totally eye catching. Tickets start at $10, and the partying starts at 11 a.m.

Monster Games @ Arizona State Fairgrounds
The State Fair's still on for a few more days (through November 6), and this weekend things get destructive at the grand stand. Massive, juiced-up trucks will smash and bash each other, not to mention some seriously unfortunate motor homes. For the full state fair rundown check out our field guide. Tickets to the fair are $10.

Seven Samurai Screening @ Phoenix Art Museum
Akira Kurosawa's action-infused drama screens at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday. Film buffs know it for being Japan's first breakthrough film (which clocks in at three hours), and the inspiration for American Western The Magnificent Seven. David Korr, filmmaker and former NYU film professor, will introduce the classic and lead a post-screening discussion. Tickets are $5.

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