Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend

All right, chickens, tonight you need to brush your teeth, warm up some milk, put on your jammy-jams and tuck yourself in early. Get some good rest because you've got yourselves a packed schedule this Saturday and Sunday.

Perfume Class @ Loveland Boutique
Smell something? You will on Saturday if you choose to take this unique class that will teach you all about the art of scent-making. (Uh, the good kind.) The crash course in natural perfumery will provide essential oils so you can mix until you find your fave smell. In the end, you'll have your own 2 oz. spray, roll of perfume oil, and 4 oz. tincture. Supplies are provided after you cough up the $30 fee. Here's the catch: you must RSVP today for the 11 a.m. class on Saturday, July 31. Call Loveland at 480-456-8610. Click here for their website.

Radio Phoenix Pool Party @ The Clarendon Hotel
Yeah, so, this is way better than the other million pool parties in town because this one's for a good cause. The coolest kids in town are showing their support for AZ's only community radio station. Live bands like Former Friends of Young Americans and Russian Arms & Optics will play and DJs DJentrification, Sean Watson, William Fucking Reed, and more will spin. The party runs all day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 31, and will only set you back $7 with all proceeds benefiting Radio Phoenix. Community service never felt so good. Click here for more details.

Wire Tap Live! @ Mesa Arts Center

We like to appeal to a wide range of folks here at Jackalope Ranch and this little event is one that will attract the "intellectuals" who get all their culture from talk radio. If you're one of those, you should know who Jonathan Goldstein is and know all about his shtick -- he performs phone conversations in which the audience becomes eavesdroppers. Go to his live show Saturday, July 31 at 8 p.m. and then annoy all the folks at "your" coffee shop by telling them about it the next morning. Click here for more details.

Jason Hill's "This City is Cool" @ Lux
Hey, remember this? Obviously, we've been interested in what Mr. Hill would do with his Hipstamatic iPhone application and on Sunday, August 1, we get to see what the guy's been up to at his "This City is Cool" exhibition. Hill always provides a fresh look at what Phoenix has to offer and with this new "lens" we're chomping at the bit to see how cool he can make our city look. Not to mention, Lux makes great coffee -- oh, you can talk about Wire Tap while you're there. Click here for all the details.

2010 Miss Gay Arizona America Pageant @ Tempe Center for the Arts
The most amazing queens will be crowned this weekend with the beautiful backdrop of Tempe Town La -- er, what used to be the lake. Oh well. We're confident that these "ladies" will be just as fabulous standing next to a gaping, stinky, dirty hole (no jokes, please, you sicko). The pageant celebrates its 25th year and will surely be an event not to miss on Sunday, August 1 at 6 p.m. Click here for more details.

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi