Top 5 Things to Do This Weekend

Grand Opening @ Open Source Project
One of the best places to see and be scene amongst artists and creative types will undoubtedly be the opening night fiesta this evening at Michael Witham and Ryan Gentry's collaborative art space on University Drive. Debut nights are a big deal for any new venue, and the pair has plenty in store for the event (which starts at 8 p.m.), including works from artists like Don Cohlman, Jennifer Campbell, Allison Hochgraff, and Lalo Cota. Live music from local musicians and bands will also take place and the coffee bar will serve up some caffeinated brews. Admission is free.

You Can Lead A Horse to Water @ Bill's Custom Frames:
Beth Tom knows a thing or two about grabbing attention. For proof of said statement, peep out her numerous rabbit-like graf art handiwork scattered on walls around town or her über-colorful mixed media paintings/collages that have been displayed at the Trunk Space. Then there's the flyer for her current show at Bill's Custom Frames, (pictured above) which features a rather, uh...ample set of naked breasts with the word "BOOBS" printed in large type. Subtle, it is not. Since Tom's got your attention, might as well oblige her by checking out the show on Friday before it ends it's month-long run on Saturday. The exhbition features Tom's collaborations with such locals as Jon Haddock, Colton Brock, Jenny Ignaszewski, Randal Wilson and others. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and admission is free.

Break Festival @ Valley Classical Christian School
Think your helicopter is hellacious? What about your pimp popping and locking skills? If the rest of your b-boy crew is equally as fly, then you might stand a chance at winning $500 at this breakdancing competition on Saturday. DJ Abel from the Circle Kings will be on the one's and two's during the event as Hazze from Air Force Crew and Odin from Furious Styles will be some of the judges who decide the winner. (Note: all groups must have a popper to participate and there's a five-person limit per crew). Doors open at 3 p.m. with a $10 cover.

Bwana Spoons Says "Hello, Phoenix" @ Red Hot Robot
Got big plans for this weekend? The ultra-talented (and ultra-quirky) vinyl toymaker and artist Bwana Spoons sure does. According to his blog, he's headed "to a magical place," for a special signing appearance. Translation: Bwana (who's renowned his Steven the Bat figures and working with both Gargamel and Kid Robot) is geeked about his gig on Saturday night starting at 7 p.m. at the local toy haven. Besides signing his books and prints, the artist will releasing a special edition of handpainted Stevens and engaging in a drawing battle with attendees. Admission is free.

Sundays in Paradise @ Sanctuary Resort
While few places in the Valley can truly be called "paradise," this lush and posh resort (which features spectacular views of Camelback Mountain) comes close. Get a taste of how the other half lives by lounging on the Sanctuary's lawn while listening to live music and sipping such signature cocktails as the Fiery Mandarin (consisting of cranberry juice, lemonade, vodka, and crushed jalapeños) or the Eastwood (made from El Jimador, passion fruit, lime juice, and grapefruit). Admission is free.

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