Top Five Phoenix Arts and Culture Stories of the Week

If Bob Ross were alive today, he'd be painting happy little trees all over the place in ecstatic fervor for all the arts and culture happenings in Phoenix. To help you see the forest for the trees, here's a recap of the top arts and culture stories of the week. Valley Yoga Instructor Anton Mackey On How Yoga Changed His Life and Why Everybody Should Be Doing It

In honor of National Yoga Month, we're sitting down with some of the Valley's favorite instructors to find out how they first got involved in yoga, how it changed their life, and why they believe everybody should incorporate yoga in their lives.

Our first instructor is Anton Mackey, whom you might have taken a class from at Life Power Yoga, True Hot Yoga, Urban Yoga, The Madison Improvement Club, or the now-defunct At One Yoga. He's been teaching for four years, and his mind-body awareness and connection, helped by his background in fitness and degree in kinesiology, has garnered him many fans in the yogi world, especially here in Phoenix.

Check out the full story here.

- Darryle Royal

20 Reasons to Love Fall in Arizona

Adios, Arizona summer. Fall starts on September 22, and brings with it a slew of fun things. In case you've forgotten what the Copper State has to offer, thanks to spending the last few months cooped up in air-conditioned bliss, here are a few of our favorite things to get you up and at 'em.

Check out the full list here.

- Alexandria Conrad

30 Must-Attend Events in Metro Phoenix This Fall

Grab your day planner and get a pencil, because your fall season is about to be booked. As the heat dies down, the Valley livens up with festivals, shows, holiday entertainment, and more. Since there's so much to do and only so little time to do it, Jackalope Ranch presents your our top picks for events this autumn.

- Katie Johnson

5 TV Spin-Offs We Want to See

AMC recently announced the network would debut a spin-off of its incredibly popular show, The Walking Dead, in 2015. This comes hot on the heels of another AMC announcement from last week that they would be spinning off the character of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.

These are not the first spin-offs of the season, either. ABC will première a spin-off from its fantasy show Once Upon a Time in October, and the CW will be introducing the character of The Flash to its superhero show Arrow for the express purpose of giving him his own show in 2014. Truly, we are entering the Golden Age of the spin-off, but we still have a ways to go.

Here are five more series that we would like to see spun off from existing shows.

- Negativsteve Mandel

Grumpy Cat is Coming to Changing Hands Bookstore on Sunday

Put on your frowny face and pack up the Benedryl, Grumpy Cat is going on a book tour.

Yes, between interview appearances, generating new content for memes, and rumors of a live action movie deal, the famous scowler, otherwise known as Tardar Sauce, is setting aside time to give fans the stink eye as she promotes her newest book, Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book.

Here's the full scoop.

- Katie Johnson

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