Top Five Phoenix Arts and Culture Stories of the Week

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But here are 10 celebrities we'll always claim -- whether they were born or grew up in the Valley of the Sun.

--Darryle Royal

New Buyer Wants Frank Lloyd Wright's David and Gladys Wright House to Be Open to the Public

Good news, Frank Lloyd Wright fans and historic preservation junkies. While the latest buyers of the David and Gladys Wright House wishes to remain anonymous, they've hired local attorney Grady Gammage, Jr., who announced this morning that new plans for the house would include public access.

According to Gammage, the new owners have long-standing ties to Phoenix and are currently meeting with members of the Arcadia neighborhood to talk about their plans, which include restoring the home and furnishings, adjusting the landscaping to reflect Wright's original plans, and opening the space for small tours.

Check out the full story and more photos here.

--Claire Lawton

Personal Training Star Jillian Michaels Is Coming to Phoenix to Maximize Your Life on April 14

We're halfway through spring, which means you're probably in that miserable limbo between having thoroughly failed your New Year's resolution and desperately needing to get in shape for summer.

Lucky for you, personal trainer and The Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels is here to help, with her first-ever tour, Maximize Your Life, coming to Comerica Theater on April 14.

In this one-woman show, Michaels promises to help audience members find their potential, establish realistic goals, and lead a healthier life both physically and mentally. To find out Michaels' thoughts on body image, diet, and fitness, check out Jackalope Ranch's interview.

--Katie Johnson

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