Top Picks from Sticker Phiends 4 in Tempe

Crowds of local artists and sticker fans, er, fiends, took over Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe on Friday night to buy, sell, trade, and stash tons of small- and large-scale artworks by each other as well as huge sticker names including MadOne, Dumperfoo, OBEY, Hero, Ticky, Mas, and Seamo.

DJs spun, a few artists painted cars and news boxes in the parking lot, and everyone went home with a sticker ... or two.

Check out our Sticker Phiends 4 slideshow and the best stickers we took home (in exchange for these) after the jump ...

1. Creature by Ticky, a Philadelphia-based artist who hand illustrates and cuts every sticker.

2. Hand stencil, unsigned on a "Hello My Name Is" sticker.

3. "Bebot Runs My City" by 2D on a mailing label.

4. "I Am Banksy," a photo-turned-sticker of street art taken in Tempe.

5. Panda by Hero, an artist who splits time between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Collect anything good? Send it to us, or post it to our Facebook wall for a chance to receive one of the limited edition Jackalope Ranch stickers made for the show.

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