Tough Love

Oil up that arm and get ready to show some strangers just how tough you really are. In homage to the old-style roadhouses of the Wild West, Iguana Mack's, 1371 North Alma School in Chandler, can guarantee you a good time -- if you have the elbow grease. The venue's regular weekly lineup of events consists of arm wrestling, lizard races and various themed parties. But the arm wrestling competition, every Friday night at 9, is arguably the most successful, regularly drawing huge crowds to both watch and participate. General manager Chrissy Dougherty says, "It's grown into its own little monster. People bring their biggest friends, personal trainers -- it's a blast." Men and women compete separately, and every time you win, you get a $25 gift certificate to apply to your bar tab. We can personally attest to the wonders of the arm wrestling competition. Even after a few drinks, we beat two people and wound up with two gift certificates.

For details call 480-899-6735. - Maidi Terry

Paint It Black

Urban art at its finest

For its third exhibition since its post-fire restoration, the Cathedral Center for the Arts is shedding light on "Artists of the Black Community." On display through July 10, the exhibition showcases the talents of 10 local artists, including Clendolyn Corbin, Dr. Eugene Grigsby Jr., Mary Gray, Mark Herring, Alan Jones, Bob Martin, Sabastio Piererra, Damon Lamar Reed, Joe Willie Smith and Larry Wilson. Though the collection's paintings, drawings, sculpture and ceramic pieces "have no common denominator or subject matter, style or aesthetic philosophy, each . . . makes a personal statement that is rooted in the black experience," says Dr. Grigsby. The gallery is located inside Trinity Cathedral, 100 West Roosevelt; call 602-254-7126 for further information. - Jill Koch

Rebel Yell

The Bangs get vocal

Sat 6/14
It's been a dozen years since "Revolution Grrrl Style Now!" was the battle cry of the Pacific Northwest's guitar-wielding ladies. But the rock 'n' roll riot is still strong, thanks to groups like The Bangs, whose latest release on Kill Rock Stars, Call and Response, is a classic example of poppy, punky, pissed-off defiance. As drummer Peter David Connelly pounds out furious rhythms with bassist Maggie Vail (whose big sis Tobi was drummer for the legendary Bikini Kill), guitarist Sarah Utter sings about culture, consumerism and love gone wrong. The Bangs perform Saturday, June 14, with D.C. rock quartet The Apes, and Melbourne pop trio Origami. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission for the all-ages show is $8 at Modified Arts, 407 East Roosevelt. For details call 602-462-5516.- Michele Laudig

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