5 Travel Essentials Kristen Sargent and Megan Lundquist Can't Live Without

Megan "Lundy" Lundquist (left) and Kristen Sargent (right) own and operate their travel business Legit Trips while based in Austin and Scottsdale.
Megan "Lundy" Lundquist (left) and Kristen Sargent (right) own and operate their travel business Legit Trips while based in Austin and Scottsdale. Courtesy of Legit Trips
Meet Kristen Sargent and Megan "Lundy" Lundquist. They're the duo behind Legit Trips, a business they founded less than a year ago that's rooted in “organizing like-minded adults who love to travel."

Unsurprisingly, the close friends have been traveling together — and on their own — for years.

Lundquist does her part from Austin, Texas, and Sargent is based in Scottsdale. The two met while working for CLUBWAKA more than five years ago and got to know each other.

To this day, they’ve never lived in the same city.

“We started traveling together outside of work, pretty much right away,” Sargent says, while seated in her stylish RV. Hailing from Portland, Maine, she and her chocolate Labrador, Maddie, winter in the Phoenix area; this is her third stay. The first trip Sargent and Lundquist took was to Costa Rica in 2013, followed by trips to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Belize, and all over the United States. They traveled continuously for three years until friends started asking to join in.

A couple years ago, Sargent and Lundquist hosted a trip to Belize with 20 friends. Sargent says halfway through the trip she realized, “This feels like work. If we’re going to do this again, let’s just make it work.” Lundy said, “Let’s do that.”

Legit Trips become official in July 2016.

Though the two are separated by the state of New Mexico, they keep in touch everyday through e-mail, text, Facebook messenger, and Slack. “Our Slack channels are all different country names,” Sargent says, explaining how 2017 will involve scheduled trips to Costa Rica, Ireland, Banff National Park in Alberta, and Belize.

“Right now we’re running one [trip] a quarter, and hope to expand that in 2018,” Sargent says. “However, we both have full-time jobs.” Lundquist works in sales and as a realtor in Austin. Sargent works with Phoenix Fray, a social lifestyle company for young adults, which is part of the United Fray family in D.C. She runs everything from pool parties to pub crawls and cornhole leagues in Scottsdale and other parts of the Valley.

With both women having so much on their schedules, they have to stay organized – which is why it was no surprise Sargent had her five travel essentials ready to go, as if she were just about to catch that next flight.

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Hats are a must-have when traveling – just don't let them get wrecked.
Lauren Cusimano
“So hats, must have,” Sargent says. “Lundy and I both prefer trucker hats.” Sargent handles a Sunday Afternoons snapback, which is clearly a favorite. “The snapback is critical, because it will just hang off your bag,” she says, adding that “packing a hat while traveling is the worst thing ever.” The key is to keep hats with any sort of structure on the outside of luggage, or else, “they get wrecked.”

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Sargent and Lundy accidentally have matching Chacos.
Lauren Cusimano
Chaco Sandals
“My Chacos!” Sargent says, almost gleefully, while holding up a pair of Chaco Z/2 Classic women’s sandals. “You can walk miles in them, go hiking in them, you can swim in them,” she adds, explaining the tread is like a sneaker. “These are my all-terrain [footwear].”

And if you had any doubt the Legit Trips owners aren’t on the same level: “Lundy and I both have those exact same ones,” Sargent says. “We did not mean to.” Lundquist bought the same exact same color, pattern, and model as Sargent without knowing. “She sent me a photo like, 'I finally got my Chacos,’ and I said, ‘Did you mean to buy the exact same ones, so that we look like total nerds?’”

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Sargent and Lundy wear the GoPros everywhere, but to do that, you got to have the strap.
Lauren Cusimano
GoPro + Head Strap
“We wear the GoPros everywhere,” Sargent says. She next removes her GoPro HERO from her pack. “You got to have the head strap,” she says. “It takes great video, but the stills are amazing.”

Sargent says this piece of tech is Bluetooth equipped, so she and Lundquist can access the video and photos through the app right away. “That allows us to post the photos at the end of a day on our trips,” she says, “Our customers love that.”

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Sargent's swimsuit is often her only outfit in the Caribbean. Also featured: Maddie the pup.
Lauren Cusimano
Sargent removes her Patagonia bikini that she “can do everything in” once they reach their destination. “It’s just cute enough and just functional enough that I can literally wear it all day long,” she says, “I can hike in it, I can walk the town in it, I can go surfing. It’s my only outfit when I go to the Caribbean.”

Sargent is extra-partial to the “swim” part of her swimsuit. “I’m like a fish,” she says, “As soon as I’m in the water, I’m right at home.”

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The Timbuk2 Uptown Pack has tons of features, and is pretty well-traveled itself.
Lauren Cusimano
And finally, Sargent’s backpack itself. Her Timbuk2 Uptown Pack is a frequent companion on her trips. “This one is just full of pockets,” she says, noting features like padded straps, a ventilated mesh back panel, and a laptop sleeve. “This is my carry-on,” Sargent says, “And often, this is all I will take.”

To see where Sargent and Lundquist are going next, check the Legit Trips Facebook, Instagram, and website.
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