Treasure Hunt: Los Angeles Showcases Crafts, Paper Goods, and a Whole Lot of Felt

Sometimes it's important to have an adventure, and in the spirit of discovery and shallow love for anything (and everything) that sparkles, Jackalope Ranch took a much-needed trip out of town to do some treasure hunting. This time, we trekked to Los Angeles for the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair

Note: We say "paper goods" with emphasis; despite the overwhelming amount of felted, painted, and printed handmade goods covered in mustaches and birds, we came home with piles of letterpress. 

Warning: Hipster craft porn (in Hipstamatic, no less) to follow ... ​

The Renegade Craft Fair continues to travel throughout the year (and the country). For specific date and location details, check out the Renegade Craft Fair website. Hand-crafted merchendise can also be purchased at the Renegade store in Chicago or online.

And while you're on your way there, we recommend a stop into the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, a brunch at The Parker, and a stay in Hollywood Boulevard's Roosevelt Hotel.

Stop One: The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Details: The Parker Meridien, at 4200 East Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs,California originally opened in 1959 as California's first Holiday Inn before it was revamped -- and revamped again in the early 2000s. Current owner Jack Parker commissioned New York-based designer Jonathan Adler to lend his chic/happy style to the interior and exterior. The result is mesmerizing. 

Notes: Save up, order the fruit ring, take note of the Norma cafe's playlist (think french spa meets Breakfast at Tiffany's), take pictures in the lobby, walk through the garden, take the breakfast shot, attempt to blend. 

Stop Three: The Renegade Craft Fair

Details: The Renegade Craft Fair brought in creatives from around the country (we even spotted our own Sebastien Millon) to sell handmade goods and designs. The fair, held at the State Park just north of Chinatown was on a warm afternoon and had no shortage of good ideas and hipster-friendly accessories to jot them down with. Check out the lineup here

Notes: Have breakfast, pack cash, make a list of things you might need, avoid anything with a mustache, buy anything with a fox (next big thing), watch out for the yeti heads, grab a map. 

Stop Four: Los Angeles/The Roosevelt

Details: Downtown Los Angeles is impossible to see in one day, but we had a few essentials that included the Melrose Flea Market, a breakfast at Canter's and a few stops to check out street art before crashing at Hotel Roosevelt, 7000 Hollywood Blvd, in Los Angeles. 

Notes: Check in early, jot down the opening times of the places long list of bars, avoid private parties and following anyone in short shorts, check out the celeb pictures on the hallway walls, and don't take mix cds from strangers.

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Claire Lawton
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