Tricia Parker's Dia de Los Muertos Hummingbird

Name: Tricia Parker (an occasional New Times freelance writer)
Age: Currently 41, when I got the tattoo I was 40.
My Foot Piece: Is a Dia de los Muertos hummingbird.

A couple of years ago, I was riding my bike in flip-flops and wiped out on Seventh Street after a crack ate my tire. I scraped the top of my foot (down to bone in one place!) off, along with parts of a couple of toenails, which have grown back nicely. So I had this ugly nickel-sized scar right on top of my foot and I am vain about my feet. I wanted to cover it up. At first I just wanted a subtle orange flower, but everyone's right:

Once you get inked, you want more.

So I went back for the hummingbird six months later. I knew I wanted a hummingbird, but not a hippie hummingbird, something skeleton-y. I love skeletons. I had no image to work from, but Andra, the artist, came up with the design in its entirety. She thought the bird skeleton breast bone didn't lend itself to my vision, so she put a pink chrysanthemum there.

Next tattoo? I love tattoos, but I'm too old. It's pathetic to cling to rebellion and youth like this. Besides, tattoos aren't rebellious anymore. If I were 25, I'd get a huge red poppy on my shoulder. Or maybe I'll get my crow's feet tattooed.  

Nah. I think I'm finished.

Know of a few creative marks? Send us your photos/suggestions.

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