Trina Turk for Banana Republic: The Good, The Bad, and the Sweat Stain-Worthy

If there were a patron saint of Palm Springs-apporpriate duds, Trina Turk would be it. The designer's based in the Southern California desert city, lives in this awesome house that looks like a cruise ship, and specializes in high-end pool-worthy designs with flowy silhouettes and loud, colorful prints.

Naturally her capsule collection, available in stores and online on Thursday, June 7, for the mainstream retailer is full of those trademarks and reasonably priced from $34.50 to $150. But that doesn't mean they're all worthy of summertime swooning.

The Good: Turk's Pink Swirl Printed Bonita Tunic Dress ($120) is the perfect example of the designer's ability to flawlessly meld Midcentury angles and bold, tropical coloring.

Now for some sunbathing, much-needed squats, and Megan Draper impersonation attempts ....

The Bad: We're quite familiar with the, ahem, tendency for Coachella Music Festival attendees to consume mind-expanding illegal substances, but perhaps the lysergic-inspired hallucinations (and color schemes reminiscent of ill-fated attempts to Anthropologize our homes) would be best left at the Indio polo fields. Oh, and so would this Blue Coachella Printed One Shoulder Dress ($150).

The Sweat Stain-Worthy: Um, we'll take two please. This soft sateen skirt in Turk's Zazzy Zebra print ($80) makes for a season-appropriate piece that wouldn't look cuckoo inappropriate at the office or too uptight on a chaise lounge with a fruity cocktail.

To make lusty shopper matters worse/better, our desire for this summer staple is only deepened by the accompanying Tomato with Turquoise Stone Box Clutch ($98).

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