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Tuey Burns, What Are You Wearing?

The biggest surprise about the latest edition of What Are You Wearing? That today's subject, performance artist Tuey Burns, actually sat still long enough to take part in this.

You see, Miss Burns lives her life like good performance art: You never know what she's about to do or where she's going. She's lived all over the world (Italy, most recently), but does show Phoenix some love by sometimes coming back here to reside, which she's doing at present.

Before she moves to the Ukraine, Alaska, Nigeria, or wherever, Burns gave us the scoop about her clothing.

What are you wearing right now?

Um. A towel. Come on, this is Phoenix, this is summer. It's hot. But the towel is really cute. It's bright red, very soft, and does a really good job drying.

What is the last item of clothing you bought?

I bought some purple thigh-high mesh stockings in Italy. Can you say, "Suh-Ex-See?" (I just phonetically spelled "Sexy." Ha.) Yes, that's me.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?

My friend Mark gave me a fedora, and it both covers my hair, if messy (which is often), and makes me look cooler than I am.

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes.

A Muppets tee shirt and jeans. My family would always try to make me look like a cute little girl, you know, dresses and what not, but once upon a time, my mom was out of town and my dad let me wear my Muppets tee shirt and jeans to church. Yes, he's the best dad ever!

Name five items every woman should have in her closet.

I didn't have a proper answer to this question so I asked my friend, Google, for her advice, and this is one of the answers that she gave me: High-speed Internet access, Nintendo Wii, premium cable, chargers, and snack food. (Oh, wait those are the five things that some guy with a blog said are the things that he wants a lady to have at her place if she'd like him to stay over a little longer than just the night.)

Name an item of clothing that's best when it's vintage.

A jacket.

Name an item of clothing you should NEVER buy used.

A wig.

What is your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix?

Dress up a little more often, Phoenix. Okay, I know that it's hot, but seriously, PHX. Dress up. I mean, dress up MTWTHFSS, peeps. Put on a cute dress, cap, and an orange tie. Give it a try. (Note: Phoenix, you're cute, and even if you don't look cute all the time, I will still love you.)

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