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When it comes down to it, pumpkin pie is hardly manna from Heaven. Same goes for the mincemeat and rhubarb versions, for that matter. In fact, unless Anthony Bourdain is running the kitchen, whatever post-gorge pastry that’s going down your gullet will likely be pretty unremarkable.

Instead of suffering through another year of bland desserts, check out the sweet treats and even sweeter beats being served up by scenester power couple Jen Deveroux and Tricky T during their Thanksgiving after-party, Turkey Tits, at SideBar. Deveroux will be preparing some sumptuous dessert selections to accompany SideBar’s artisan cocktails, while DJs ranging from Jared Alan and Sean Watson to Bigie and Just Chris work the mixers. There might even be a round or two of Twister in case you’re feeling limber.

Thu., Nov. 26, 9 p.m., 2009
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