Tyler McKee of Four Peaks Brewery
photo courtesy of Tyler McKee

Tyler McKee of Four Peaks Brewery

Tyler McKee's equally used to scanning IDs and dodging guest vomit.

He takes a Starbucks cup from a woman as she walks through the front gate of Four Peaks Brewing Company and sets it aside.

He's been at the popular college-student watering hole for more than a year, and says he's seen a wide range of people coming to hang out for a drink -- from the former Chicago Bear's quarterback and Roger Clyne to ASU students there to watch a game. 

We caught up with the laid-back doorman to get his view on work behind the ropes ...

Biggest misconception about bouncers: That we're mean and out to get you. We're more or less there just to make sure everything runs smoothly and keep things flowing.

Last crazy night: I wasn't actually on, but I heard about people running around the restaurant drunk, but it's only happened once. It's more, people throwing up in places they shouldn't be. Luckily, I haven't been thrown up on, but it's been pretty close. It's more or less just babysitting than anything else.

Best part of the job: The people that I work with. I'm friends with everyone and it's pretty relaxed. There's not very many security issues at this restaurant. It's mainly people just getting too drunk and having to escort them out. It's nothing too bad.

What you do with your free time: I like outdoor stuff like hiking or I might go play basketball. I just like to stay active and in shape.

What's for breakfast: If I eat breakfast, I'll probably have oatmeal.

Difference between being a bouncer in Tempe vs. Scottsdale: I don't even really go to the clubs up there, I've been once or twice. It's not really my scene.

Spotting a fake: It depends. If they made it themselves, then there are small giveaways just in the font or they might use the wrong card stock, then it'll be too thick or thin. More IDs we get are real IDs and they are just of someone else, so you can tell when they walk up to you how they act.

Celebrity you'd love to let in: Jessica Alba. (laughs) Steve Nash would be pretty cool, too.


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