Uberhood: Because Nothing Says "Jump in My Basket" Like a Bicycle Umbrella

Uberhood: Because Nothing Says "Jump in My Basket" Like a Bicycle Umbrella

This week, in the (very long) list of "ways to not pick up women while riding your bicycle," comes the Uberhood

Just in time for the potentially rainy day, the Uberhood is an oblong umbrella that fixes to your handlebars for a "smooth" ride in sunshine or rain. 

Details not mentioned: 
- The uberhood will not help you dodge puddles, nor will it protect you as you eat shit because of that oil slick.
- If it's at all windy, the the flimsy, overhead piece of semi-waterproof cloth can't do much to deter the rain's diagonal trajectory (therefore defeating the purpose of the cheesy looking contraption and further challenging your attempts to wink at the cute, dry girl in the car next to you).
- Lastly, there is a much cheaper and quite possibly more effective way to stay dry while riding your bike in a storm (why are you riding your bike in a storm, again?), called a rain jacket -- with a hood. 

The collapsible umbrella, released this season by the braintrust at Uberhood Company in Wisconsin, flies 26 inches above your handlebars, is about 53 inches long, fixes to any 7/8-inch diameter handlebar, and is all yours for a cool $79

Check out the Uberhood in video action after the jump ... 

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