UltraLuxe Scottsdale Theater Opens Friday

If 3D isn't enough to enhance your movie-watching experience, maybe you should try the new D-BOX motion technology seats at the new UltraLuxe Scottsdale theater. (After all, having Harry Potter fly at your head during a Quidditch match is exciting, but wouldn't it be awesome to feel his broom making a dive mid-air?)

UltraLuxe Scottsdale, which opens Friday night at the Pavilions Shopping Center, is the only theater in the Valley to boast D-BOX seats. Things that further set UltraLuxe apart include luxury VIP seating, a "gourmet" food kitchen, and something called "Parent Movie Mornings." 

But back to these motion seats. UltraStar Cinemas owns the UltraLuxe theater, along with similar theaters in California, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and Surprise, Arizona. According to Damon Rubio, Executive Vice President of UltraStar Cinemas, the motion seats have been a hit at the other locations. "This is technology that has made an impact and a difference in our business," Rubio said. "Our current installations successfully draw guests from miles around."

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D-Box seats use codes programmed specifically for each film. The idea is that moviegoers will be jostled, bumped, lifted, and turned in synchronization with whatever is happening on screen.

While the motion seats, which will debut to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at midnight this Friday, may be the main point of attraction, there's plenty more to check out at the UltraLuxe Scottsdale theater.

The lobby is decorated in a classic Tuscan style, perhaps so visitors can feel classier (claw machines and arcade games don't exactly scream "refinement"). There are 11 auditoriums total, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Each auditorium has VIP seating, complete with comfy, reclining chairs.

In addition to the regular auditoriums, there are five "Star Class" auditoriums, where guests 21 and older can enjoy food and beverage service (including beer and wine). And speaking of food, UltraStar's supposed to have an impressive menu, including flavored specialty popcorns, hummus, pizza, and Panini sandwiches.

People who hate hearing crying babies at movies will be happy to know UltraLuxe will have "Parent Movie Mornings" beginning in December. New parents will be able to attend these screenings with their infants, and there will be changing tables in the back of the auditorium. So everybody can cry and change diapers en masse.

UltraLuxe Scottsdale theater is located in the Scottsdale Pavilions at 9090 E. Indian Bend Road. For more information, call 480-278-7324. visit www.ultrastarmovies.com.

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