"Unraveled" Opens at Coe House on First Friday

Every First Friday brings a myriad of artistry to the downtown scene, so this week be sure to look out for the opening of Amanda Adkins' first solo exhibit, "Unraveled," at The Coe House Gallery from 7 to 11 p.m.

Though the artist has painted for more than two decades, she writes in a press release, "I call myself an artist. There are too many artistic forms to experiment with to label myself as just a painter."

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"This show is different for me," Adkins says. It not only includes paintings, but a video and three other installation pieces. She seems most excited about the video in which she is tied to a friend with string, representing the evolution of their relationship. She says people should come to her exhibit if for no other reason than to see this video.

The show deals with relationships and their complexity. Adkins says much inspiration for the art was drawn from her own experiences whether it be "personal relationships, friendships and people in my life, my friends, things that I see on the street..."

She even recounts one particular story of when she was driving downtown and saw a girl on the side of the road holding up a sign that just said "You are valued."

Adkins says that this had come at a time in her life that she really needed to hear those words and it immediately inspired her to go home and include them in one of her works.

"I want people to take something positive away from [my show]."

Amanda Adkins' first solo exhibit will be on view at The Coe House Gallery from 7 until 11 p.m. Friday, September 6. The show will run through the end of September. For more information, visit The Coe House Gallery on Facebook

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Alexandria Conrad