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Urban Metal at the US Post Office in Tempe

A pleasurable post office errand in the summer is rare; a long line and the lady who attempts to fill out the shipping form (in the queue) inevitably squash the possibility of a quick in and out. Which is why this morning's mail run in Tempe was surprising -- It wasn't quick, but it was full of metallic eye candy.

The City of Tempe with the Cultural Services Division is currently showcasing Urban Metal, in the windows of the US Post Office on Mill Avenue and Fifth Street. The City describes the exhibition as a commentary on "how people are surrounded by industrial forms, materials and structures everyday on the city streets, in school, at their homes and in businesses."

It features four Valley metal artists. Each have different takes and techniques on metal work.

Check out more about the artists and a few photos after the jump.

The exhibition features work by John Tuomisto-Bell, who owns a bronze foundry and casts figurative works about the human condition; Joan Waters, who cuts and welds metal into organic (and fashionable) forms; Jose Benavides, who finds metal signs, vintage cars parts and license plates and transforms them into playful objects; and Ryan Lamfers, who uses found objects and his own metalwork in surrealistic installations.

Urban Metal will be on display at the US Post Office windows at 500 S. Mill Ave. (Southwest corner of 5th Street and Mill Avenue) now through Nov. 18.

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Claire Lawton
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