Urban Outfitters Tent Sale

Okay, there'll be, like, stuff on sale and stuff, but this ain't your granny's tent sale. G-dawg definitely wouldn't dig the cool noise that'll be echoing through the Mill Avenue District, and it's pretty much a given she wouldn't shell out for the chain's groovy slackerwear. In addition to a window display by artist Mad One, what we're calling Tempe Tentstock will feature performances by 15 artists spread over four days/nights. Here's the lineup: Thursday, August 21: Psychedelic Shotguns, Agent Owl, and Ashley Nicole & William Fucking Reed. Friday, August 22: Dakota Jeane, Milkblood, Hands on Fire, and Cardiac Party. Saturday, August 23: What Laura Says, Thinks and Feels (pictured), Via Maris, Earthmen & Strangers, and Knesset. Sunday, August 24: The Myrrors, Matthew Reveles, KCougar, and DJ One Son.
Thu., Aug. 21, 5:30-10 p.m.; Fri., Aug. 22, 4:30-10 p.m.; Sat., Aug. 23, 4:30-10 p.m.; Sun., Aug. 24, 2:30-8 p.m., 2008
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