Valley Ho and Beach Ball Pool Parties Start this Weekend

Mother Nature's a mighty trickster. After years of making the air boiling hot around this time of year, she's decided to throw us a curve ball and keep things unseasonably cool. 

No worries for the pool party crowd -- this coming weekend, the mercury will spike back up and a few of the Valley's swankiest hotels are celebrating. 

In addition to Spanish Fly's weekend-long wingdings at its in-house swimming hole (not to mention the W Scottsdale's recently launched Summer Groove celebrations), a couple high-end establishments will be hosting bathing beauties in abundance.

Sadly, this weekend doesn't include a bash from the Adult Swim peeps; they have yet to announce when its happening. Ditto for Millennium Resort's long-awaited pool party, as its kick-off (originally scheduled for this Saturday) has been moved to next weekend. 

On to where you should be ...  

There always seems to be plenty of people partying poolside from at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale establishment, which offers a colorful variety of drinks and music throughout each weekend for hotel guests.

​It starts off with Session Saturdays, which start at 1 p.m. and feature Mr. P-Body on the turntables and handcrafted specialty cocktails from the bar. The hotel's Tiki Sundays is equally pimp, boasting $6 mai tais, reggae music, and plenty of pool toys. (More info on either event can be found here.)

Beefcakes and bare-chested boys will be lounging about in style around the rooftop pool of the Wyndham Hotel during the annual Beach Ball Party and fundraiser for the 1N10 charity that runs from noon until 6 p.m. A swimsuit competition and pool games will also take place, barbecue eats will be available, and drink specials will be on tap. Admission is $10. (Click this link for more info.)

The pool at downtown Phoenix's Clarendon Hotel will also be open this weekend for anyone interested in taking a dip in a dope setting. 

As always, such amenities as free towels and suntan lotion will be available, and there's a $10 admission fee.

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