Valley Vintage with Robert Black

Throw on a circle skirt and grab your pearls -- the ladylike fashions of the 1950s will be on display at the inaugural Valley Vintage fashion show at the Hotel Valley Ho tonight. The event will feature styles from vintage fashion connoisseur Robert Black, vintage-inspired swimwear from Monique Fagre, and music by The Martini Kings.

We caught up with Black to learn more about the runway show. Read on after the jump...

Q: How did the idea for the event come about?

A: I was approached by the people at the Valley Ho and they were talking about doing an event that would bring the audience back to the 1950s and one element was the fashion show. When they presented the idea to me, they had the plan to make the food, the cocktails, everything very authentic. 

Q: How will this show be different from others you've hosted?

A: Well, every show I do, I try to tailor to the audience and what we're doing in this show, we are really taking the clothes to the 1950s. Everything is authentic. It's been a little challenge because the clothing is authentic and the jewelry is authentic. Even the lipstick that we're using is the lipstick that Revlon introduced. The staging is very unique. We have an incredible actor that scripted the show and it's really going to take you back to the era when people talked through the fashion shows. Not only about the clothes but about what was going on at the time and it'll be theatrical. 

Q: Why do you think it's important to keep the fashion community here focused on vintage fashion?

A: I think that our past is always our future and when we can learn from the past then it can take us into the present time. What I personally love about vintage clothing is the construction is brilliant. Everything was pretty much handmade and made in the U.S. and the quality is much, much better. People will be able to see that. We always can learn from what has been before us.

Q: Do you think there is a resurgence of an interest in vintage fashion?

A: I think there is. There is an interest in anything vintage. There's a huge interest in vintage modern furniture and art. A lot of people are looking to the past and seeing that a lot of it was very cool, even though it may have been in your parents house or your grandma's house, we're starting to look at it with a different eye. 

Q: What kind of vintage style icons did you look at for the show as an inspiration? Or who's style do you personally admire?

A: There is one designer in particular that has always been a favorite that we actually have in our personal collection and his name is Galanos and we have a few of his pieces in the show and they are so beautifully tailored. Ceil Chapman is another wonderful designer and she did beautiful things for the Hollywood set. One of my favorites who isn't really a big name is Emma Domb, she specialized in cocktail and formal and we'll see a few of her pieces that are just beautiful.

Q: It sounds like there is going to be a wide range of looks in the show. 

A: We start with daywear and in the 1950s, women even dressed to go to the grocery store -- they would have a beautiful dress, they would have their pearls on. So we start with daywear and we go through formal wear. And a lot of bling, I love bling. 

General admission for Valley Vintage is $50, with VIP tickets ranging from $250-400, and proceeds benefit Florence Crittenton charity for women. Learn more about the event at 

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Jessica VanZalen