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Vancouver's Decentralized Dance Party Possibly Coming to Phoenix in December

Picture this surreal scenario: A massive moving mob of brightly-dressed partiers choke the streets and sidewalks of downtown Phoenix. Ear-piercing music blares from dozens of ghetto blasters as participants dance on benches, treat handrails as their personal jungle gyms, or conduct other silly shenanigans.

It sounds like a city official's worst nightmare (as well as a helluva good time) and could become a reality in December if the Canada's Decentralized Dance Party comes to Phoenix.

The Vancouver-born chaotic dance extravaganza, which tours cities across Canada as a part of its yearly "Party Safari" is akin to a flash mob crossbred with an underground rave.

Its creators, known simply as Tom and Gary, visit a particular berg and unleash a cacophony of mayhem, music, and madcap activity in its downtown area. Much like both a flash mob or rave, the specific location typically isn't announced until the day of the event.

Here's how it works: The duo dress in costume (including matching old-school Power Glove game controllers) and roaming through an urban area while toting a backpack containing a portable FM radio transmitter connected to an iPod. A maelstrom of madcap activity unfolds around them as participants, who are also dressed in equally colorful attire, carry battery-powered boom boxes blasting out dance music tracks.

In addition to hitting locations across their native Canada, the duo will be bringing this year's edition of the Party Safari Tour to 10 yet-to-be announced desinations in the United States. Thirty different candidate cities are being considered (including NYC, L.A., Portland, and San Francisco) and Phoenix is one of them.

Cities will be picked based on the amount of interest in the event that's generated via social media. More specifically, the number of people "per capita" who like the DDP on Facebook and say they'd attend the event, as well as following the duo on Twitter and tweet their "Party Manifesto." A "secret fourth factor" is also involved in the decision process.

As of this writing, only 30 Valley party monsters have signed up for the event. To add your name to the list or get mre info on Phoenix's bid for a visit by the DDP, visit the Facebook event page.

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