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Victor Moreno's Cult Classics Screening Battle Royale (aka The Movie The Hunger Games Rips Off)

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"I think it's fair to say The Hunger Games borrows a lot [from Battle Royale]," Moreno says. "[A] Dystopian future, game show-like contest pitting teens against each other to the death based on the idea of nationalism. Or it could just be The Lottery meets The Running Man. But yeah, I'd lean towards borrowing."

In her defense, Collins has claimed that she wasn't aware of Battle Royale until after she'd written The Hunger Games. Moreno, however, believes it's just a simple case of one artists "borrowing" from another, a practice common in the creative world. Like Steve Jobs famously stated, "Good artists copy, great artists steal."

Hence, The Hunger Games is simply an toned-down and Americanized version of Battle Royale, albeit cloaked in sci-fi trappings and adorned with a patina of teen-friendly bubblegum entertainment.

"I think since Hunger Games is based on a young adult novel, those books tend to take elements of established stories and retell them for younger readers," Moreno says. "Its fair to say if there was no Shirley Jackson's Lottery there wouldn't be a Hunger Games. Whether she also saw some Japanese or Schwarzenegger movies, the world may never know."

While a few teenaged Hunger Games fans might be eager to see the film that helped inspire it, Moreno warns that its far more visceral and gruesome cinematic experience.

"I think having collars that make your head explode with a massive arterial spray and knives to the head might be a bit much for a PG-13 movie audience," he jokes.

It that's not enough to scare away the Hot Topic crowd, there's also a variety of dismembering and disemboweling taking place during its 114-minute running time. There's more than just brutal and gory violence, however, Moreno adds.

"Its great drama, great horror, [and] great science fiction. The characters are very memorable and the premise really works in creating a sense of urgency and danger," he says. "Before 'Anyone Can Be Killed' became a catchphrase for Game of Thrones, it really worked as a hook in Battle Royale. Takeshi Kitano is awesome as the twisted teacher/mentor to the kids. Its Quentin Tarantino's favorite movie and if you've seen the way he treats his characters you can see the influence straight away."

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