Vintage-Inspired Holiday Wreaths with antigirl
photo by Claire Lawton

Vintage-Inspired Holiday Wreaths with antigirl

As the local artist writes in her handbook, "Wreaths are my newest favorite thing to make. I feel like I did when I first learned to bind a book. So much fucking excitement!"

She let us into her creative space last week (between studying for finals and working on design gigs) to attempt her newest hobby. 

Her advice was simple: Be patient and let the wreath come together on its own. A few supplies from Michael's or any craft store will do (they're usually on sale around this time of year). And if you see a bird with a clip, grab one. 

She'll show you what to do with it after the jump ...  


• 12 inch wire wreath frame 
• foliage stems 
• small ornaments 
• pine cones 
• gold leaves 
• ashland™ netting 
• ashland™ ting 
• ashland™ berries 
• twigs (thin and thick) 
• clip bird 
• wired ribbon 

• scissors 
• wire cutter 
• wire cutters 
• glue gun + sticks 
• floral wire

1. Start wrapping the twigs around the large frame. Our wreath expert swears this is the easiest part. 

2. Using the wire, fix larger pieces, including berries and gold leaves to the twigs and frame. 

3. While the fullness of your wreath and accents are definitely up to you, Antigirl warns that there is a fine line between festive and overdoing it. She recommends bundling the large accents in one area to create a focal point and lightly decorating the rest of the wreath, to keep it simple. 

4. To fix the berries, twigs, stems, pine cones, and ribbon to the frame, use hot glue (sparingly) and use the ashland netting keep things in place. 

5. Do not overdo No. 4. 

6. Keep and hang, or give as a gift. 

Vintage-Inspired Holiday Wreaths with antigirl
photo courtesy of antigirl
​Take a look at more specific step-by-step instructions on her crafty blog, and stay tuned for more holiday crafts and events in the next few weeks. 

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