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Vote for Sam of Detour Company Theatre As Lady Godiva Finalist

See also: A profile of Sam in Phoenix New Times' Hero Worship See also: Phoenix's New Theater Season Looks for an Edge No matter what results you were hoping for from Tuesday's Arizona primary election, no matter how fervently you supported the candidates you supported, at least a handful of the votes you had the opportunity to cast probably felt kind of "meh."

That's why it's so marvelous that we have the opportunity to vote for something just plain good. Godiva Chocolatier has begun the Lady Godiva Program, a mission of recognition and financial support for the good works of women who are positive and inspiring influences on their communities.

It turns out that one of the coolest people in the entire Valley is among just a handful of Fall 2012 semifinalists for the West/Midwest region.

You can vote online for Sam, director of Detour Company Theatre, once per day between now and September 26.

Detour has been producing the most entertaining, life-affirming live stage work you can imagine since 2000, giving actors (mostly adults) with developmental and other disabilities, and their coaches, opportunities to perform expressively and raise awareness of what people are capable of.

The experience expands horizons and changes lives on both sides of the proscenium. (There are video clips and a bunch of other great links -- including to Sam's tireless blog -- on the voting page.)

The other semifinalists are doing worthy things, too (you can browse around and read about nominees from all the regions), but let's throw as many votes as we can to Sam. If she wins this round, she'll go on to face the finalists chosen in the spring and winter entry periods, and the overall winner will receive $10,000 for her organization.

You may not remember much about Lady Godiva (or Lady Go! Diva, as I like to think of her), other than that she was "a freedom rider; she didn't care if the whole world looked":

but she was a full-on activist and philanthropist. (And, for what the stuff of legend is worth, she actually preferred that no one look.) Her husband, Leofric, the Lord of Coventry, was overtaxing the townsfolk, and on a dare from him, she shed her clothes and rode horseback through the streets to protest the oppression. Like you do. The grateful locals (except, apparently, for her publicist) stayed indoors to protect the Lady's modesty, and her plan worked -- taxes were lowered. Fun couple.

I also just learned that each vote for Sam earns you one chance to win a box of chocolates.

Maricopa County Elections can suck it.

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