Vote Your Favorite Video Game into the Halls of The Smithsonian

Put Pong next to Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and you'll see that video games have come a long way.

But you don't have to tell the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC; it's planning to chronicle the gaming evolution through a new exhibit. And bonus: The museum is asking gamers to help decide what's on the wall.

The Art of Video Games is slated to open in March, 2012 and will showcase numerous enlarged in-game screenshots, video interviews with gaming artists and developers, and even a few console setups for visitors to play for themselves.

Find out more about how you can decide what goes in the exhibit after the jump.

The Smithsonian officially opened voting up to the public on Monday through their website for The Art of Video Games exhibit. There are currently 240 games up for decision -- categorized by console type, genre, and what era they appeared in -- and only the top 80 will be selected for the exhibit. Some of the games included on the ballots are Mass Effect 2, Space Invaders, Portal, and Star Fox, to name a few.

According to the museum's Twitter feed, it's received more than 240,000 votes in the first day of voting (subsequently knocking the site offline for a while).

Voting for the exhibit will officially close on April 7.

While we'll undoubtedly see the original classics like Star Raiders, Pac-Man, Mario Bros., and After Burner featured in the exhibit, it would be great to see games such as Life Force, Ikaruga, Grandia, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, and Psychonauts make the final cut.

Our take: It's disappointing to see an overall lack of fighting games among the nominations since they often have beautiful artwork, and the half-dozen Zelda, Mario, and Final Fantasy titles that are hogging the list are totally annoying.

Also, it seems that the choices for newer-era, first-person shooters are boiled down to multiple Halo titles with Gears of War and Half-Life 2 thrown in for good measure.

Come on people, what about Killzone or Battlefield: Bad Company?

Do you think certain games deserve to be represented more than others in this exhibit? E-mail us and tell us why your favorite game should be in the running. The best replies will be featured in our follow up post.

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